Class Description

Find out more about the different types of classes I offer

  • Gentle Flow

    This is a gentle Yoga practice with some Vinyasa Flow elements. It is suitable for anyone new to Yoga or those who want to slow down a bit and enjoy the benefits of a mindful moving practice.

  • Vinyasa Flow

    In this Yoga class we synchronise breath and movement to guide us from one asana (posture) to the next. We build up small sequences and move through them gracefully. We use 'a vinyasa' to transition in between sequences.

  • Yoga Basics

    In this class we explore foundational asanas, and breathing techniques. It is great for anyone who is new to Yoga or anyone looking to revisit the 'basics' and deepen their understanding of already familiar poses.

  • Pilates Mat

    This is a Pilates class done on the mat. Occasionally we will use small props, depending on what's available. Each class includes strengthening and stretching exercises for the entire body. We will be moving in all directions, so that you will feel balanced, light and strong.