Partner Workshop - Better Together

mit mir und Johannes von Bali Yoga Wien Egal ob bester Freund oder beste Freundin, deine „bessere Hälfte“, Familienmitglied oder Bekannte – in ... more
2 Jun

Get to know Yoga

Have you ever considered giving Yoga a try to see what everybody is talking about these days? The 10 week Beginner Course at Bali Yoga Wien gives you the opportu... more

Summer Intensive Beginners Course

10 more reasons to look forward to summer! .... at least 10 more reason for me to look forward to it. Once again I have the privilege of introducing a group of new ... more

Pilates and Yoga at Your Workplace

Would you like to start a regular Pilates or Yoga practice but find it difficult to fit it around your work schedule? Why don't you bring the practice to your ... more