Pilates & Yoga


Originally known as “Contrology” Joseph Pilates created a system of exercises that train the body as well as the mind. Contrology rests on the principles of centering (correct engagement of the core abdominal muscles), concentration, correct breathing, control, precision, flowing movement, isolation, and routine.

Regularly practicing Pilates improves body awareness, develops good postural habits and alignment of the spine, corrects muscular imbalances, encourages correct breathing, strengthens the deep stabilising muscles and increases flexibility. All this leads to an overall sense of well- being, ease and balance.


Yoga is a spiritual practice that is concerned with far more than just a few poses to develop physical fitness. While increased muscular strength and flexibility are benefits of practicing yoga asanas (physical postures), a regular Yoga practice is a commitment to a journey of self-realisation.

In the asana practice one learns to linkt the breath with movement, which creates a greater awareness of the present moment. In this state we can let go off physical, emotional and mental tension and enter into a state of relaxation. Yoga gives us the tools to become the observer of our own thoughts and to discover what lies underneath them. Essentially though, students will discover through their own practice what yoga means to them. “Practice and all will come” – K. Patthabi Jois